McDonald’s Monopoly Is Officially Returning This Summer After Its Cancellation Last Year

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McDonald’s Monopoly Is Officially Returning This Summer After Its Cancellation Last Year

Bring on the Big Macs!

Like we needed another excuse to order a cheeky Maccy’s on UberEats every Friday, McDonald’s has confirmed that their beloved annual Monopoly game is back – after a one-year hiatus as a result of the pandemic.

Cancelling the 2020 game due to lockdown, the fast-food giant has confirmed that it’ll finally make a comeback this summer, with huge prizes up for grabs for players to win. The announcement came in a to-the-point tweet, which simply read: “The news you’ve all been waiting for… Monopoly returns Summer 2021”.

Naturally, die-hard fans have been losing their shit on Twitter all afternoon following the announcement, with followers so happy, they’ve responded with remarks such as “Omg I might cry” and “2021 has been saved” – which, of course, we fully agree with. 

The popular game, which has run for years now, takes place every summer – and all customers can easily take part just by purchasing a meal. Monopoly stickers are included on medium and large meals, as well as selected items such as fries, drinks and McFlurries, with players required to collect each sticker from the different property sets to win huge prizes. Previous prizes have included big family holidays, cars, cash prizes and electronics. Some stickers also include ‘instant wins’, which, if you ask us are the highlight of the whole game. Instant wins include food prizes that you can claim during your next visit (with no purchase necessary), and include a variety of items such as ice cream sundaes, apple pies, burgers and more.

It is not currently clear what date the game will return, however, one thing’s for sure – 2021 is most certainly looking a lot better than 2020 already.

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