A Restaurant Dedicated To Just Lasagne Exists In Manchester & Its The Stuff Of Italian Dreams

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A Restaurant Dedicated To Just Lasagne Exists In Manchester & Its The Stuff Of Italian Dreams

A ‘slab shack’ exists right here in Manchester.

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Manchester has it down to a fine art. Not only are we home to the UK’s best pizzeria, but our thriving restauranteurs have absolutely nailed the likes of Sicilian cuisine, delicious pasta and summer-worthy antipasti that brings the flavours of the Amalfi coast to our beloved city. But there’s one dish that’s been often left behind. The lasagne.

A layered masterpiece made with our favourite carb (pasta), and usually filled with beef, white sauce and tomato sauce, the lasagne is an absolute classic, but it’s completely underappreciated, too. Until now, that is. Finally getting the limelight it deserves, Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria opened its doors earlier this year – and the place is a beautiful homage to the hearty Italian dish.

Credit: Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria

Described as Manchester’s first and only ‘slab shack’, the lasagneria joined Ancoat’s booming dining scene back in April – a neighbourhood of which has become a destination in itself over the last half a decade – before rapidly expanding and joining forces with Northern Quarter institution Foundation Coffee House this summer, giving slab fans the chance to ‘dine in’ for the first time ever.

Made fresh daily, Lazy Tony’s serves a menu based around the classic lasagne, with the likes of the traditional ‘classic’ beef slab, a vegan slab, a shortrib variation and a chicken Alfredo creation gracing the menu. If that wasn’t all, guests can also gorge on fresh focaccia, mozzarella sticks and their ‘unofficially officially the best tiramisu in the world’ (if you have room in your tum!), as well as creamy taleggio mac & cheese, chicken parm, and beautifully crumbly chicken fingers.

Credit: Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria

Speaking of the genius idea to Secret Manchester, the team at Lazy Tony’s said of how the concept came about: “We just love lasagne! It’s always been a favourite and a dish that tends to be a little overlooked and underrepresented in Manchester. Plus I’ve always like the idea of playing around with different fillings.”

Lazy Tony’s can be found at Foundation Coffee House, Sevendale House, Lever St, M1 1JB from Wednesday-Sunday 5pm-10, and takeaway only at 23 Radium Street, M4 6AY Thursday-Sunday 5pm-9pm. 

[Featured image: Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria]

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