Iceland Will Donate All Profits From Penguin Chocolate Bars To Chester Zoo

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Iceland Will Donate All Profits From Penguin Chocolate Bars To Chester Zoo

Another kind gesture from the budget supermarket.

After adopting Chester Zoo’s existing colony of Humboldt penguins earlier this week, which includes five new chicks that hatched during lockdown, Iceland has gone one step further with their act of generosity, announcing that they’ll be donating all profits from sales of Penguin chocolate bars to the zoo.

Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo recently launched an appeal after being told by the government that they’d be required to remain closed ‘indefinitely’, raising over £2m in crucial donations to help cover their operational costs. The donations will be used to cover the costs of care for the animals, with the zoos other outgoings covering vital conservation projects that prevent endangered animals from becoming extinct.

Starting from today until the 22nd June, Iceland will be donating all profits of the nostalgic Penguin bars directly to the zoo – a great an inexpensive way to support the zoo during this crucial time. The zoo, which is home to 35,000 threatened and endangered species, will now open on June 15 – however, recently revealed that they were headed towards debt in excess of £24m, which would likely result in the zoos permanent closure.

Speaking of the supermarket’s decision to support the zoo, Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland Foods said: “We’re delighted to support Chester Zoo during this difficult time – a cherished British attraction and one of my personal childhood favourites.

“Thankfully, the government is allowing zoos to open from 15 June, so we hope the hardest times are now behind Chester Zoo, but the McVitie’s Penguin biscuit profit donation will hopefully lend extra support needed to weather this difficult period.

“We’re so proud of everyone at Iceland who made this a possibility and we’re especially pleased to hear about staff at our regional stores who were inspired to make their own donations and adopt animals of their own.”

Credit: Chester Zoo

Tickets to visit the zoo went on sale just yesterday, causing long waits in digital queues for hopeful guests on Chester Zoo’s website. The tickets sold out in a matter of hours, however, the zoo has reassured guests that more would be released soon. Chester Zoo will officially welcome back guests on June 15, and have implemented a number of new safety measures to keep staff and customers safe.

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