Five Penguin Chicks Have Hatched At Chester Zoo – And They’ve Been Named After NHS Heroes

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Five Penguin Chicks Have Hatched At Chester Zoo – And They’ve Been Named After NHS Heroes

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Five beautiful little Humboldt penguin chicks have been welcomed into the world, and their teeny little wings are stealing our hearts already. Emerging from their eggs between 26th March and 14th April, the miniature new arrivals have been adjusting to life tucked away in their nests, where both mum and dad have been taking it in turns to care for their baby chicks.

Credit: Chester Zoo

And to honour their birth during the Coronavirus pandemic, Chester Zoo has decided to name the chicks after NHS heroes and the hospitals that they work at. Previous births have seen names given inspired by crisps, chocolates and British athletes, however, this year’s will mean so much more, paying homage to those risking their lives every day to help us combat the pandemic.

After collecting suggestions from their fans, Chester Zoo has now selected the names, confirming in a statement that the penguins have been named Florence (after Florence Nightingale), Thomas (after St. Thomas’ Hospital), Bevan (after NHS founder Aneurin Bevan), Arrowe (after Arrowe Park Hospital) and Countess (after the zoo’s local hospital the Countess of Chester Hospital).


Credit: Chester Zoo

Humboldt penguins’ existence is considered to be threatened, and the incredibly rare birds are now the most ‘at risk’ of the 17 penguin species. Listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the penguins are facing a number of threats, including climate change, over-fishing of their food sources, and increased acidity and temperatures in the oceans.

[Featured image: Chester Zoo]

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