Here’s How To Spot A Mancunian In Ten Seconds, According To You

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

Here’s How To Spot A Mancunian In Ten Seconds, According To You

We always knew us Mancs were unique, but what we didn’t realise is that we’d probably stick out of a crowd like a sore thumb – whether we wanted to or not. At least, according to Secret Manchester readers.

1. “No need, you’ll hear em coming before you spot ’em.”

We don’t have a reputation for being shy, that’s for sure.

2. “Shout I AM THE RESURRECTION and wait for the appropriate response. They can’t help themselves.”

That’s right, we can’t. We know important history when we see it, and the Stone Roses are exactly that.

3. “No umbrella when it’s raining

After 500 broken umbrellas, a true Manc knows it’s not worth it.

4. “Shout “y’alright r kid” see who turns round”

“Aunty Janet, is that you?”


5. “By the accent, I’ve come from France to Manchester and so far I’ve learned English and Mancunian English. The first week’s for me were like listening to someone with a hot potato in his mouth

It’s a funny way of putting it, but I suppose they’re not wrong.

6. “Parka, bucket hat, pair of Adidas and singing Oasis

It’s quite the Manchester stereotype, but again, I suppose they’re not wrong.

7. “Bee tattoos”

Now this one’s reserved mostly for the ‘adopted Mancs’ among us, but I suppose a Manc is a Manc – honourary or not.

8. “They’re dressed for all types of weather in one day”

Let’s face it – we kind of have to be. It’s exactly why parkas, shorts and bucket hats is such a ‘look’ here.

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