Scare Yourselves Silly At This New Ghost Hunting Tour Near Manchester

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Scare Yourselves Silly At This New Ghost Hunting Tour Near Manchester

Fancy exploring an abandoned hospital and orphanage at the dead of night?

*Gulp* This tour sounds just a little bit creepy. You could embark on a hunt for ghosts at some spooky abandoned spots outside of Manchester. Between the hours of 9.30pm-3.30am, Newsham Park Hospital becomes a ground for brave souls to search for ghosts. [Featured image: Newsham Park Hospital].

You’ll gain access to the whole site – abandoned hospital and orphanage – to see for yourself whether this spot truly is haunted. Organisers have even included an array of ghost-hunting vigils and group séances to add to the scary atmosphere.

Image: Newsham Park Hospital

Newsham Hospital dates back to 1874, opening as an orphanage to support orphans of British sailors. The Grade II listed spot has the spooky feel of a victorian building, that’s for sure. By the end of WWI, it housed over 1,000 children, before closing its doors in 1951. Following this, it reopened as a hospital in 1988.

Customers can visit the morgue, the “psyche cinema”, and many hidden passageways that lie beneath the walls. The hospital tour website reads: “There is an instant feeling of uneasiness as you enter and begin your journey into this frightening location.

“On a Haunted Happenings overnight ghost hunt at Newsham Hospital, you will not fail to sense the torment of those who belong to its long and torrid history. Wheelchairs sit empty in corridors and the mortuary fridges exist as a cold reminder of the lives that passed over in this place, giving this location a unique and frightening atmosphere.

Image: Newsham Park Hospital

“Although the building has laid empty for many years, during our overnight ghost hunts here there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity here from security staff and workmen alike.

“Distant voices have been heard from within the empty building, shadowy figures have been seen darting down the stairwells and workmen’s tools have disappeared only to turn up in a completely different part of the building. Could this be the work of mischievous children from the Orphanage coming forward to make themselves known?”

*Gulp* We’re not scared. Nope. Not one bit.

Grab your tickets for the scariest tour in the north right here.
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