Manchester’s Mental Health Cafe Will Stay Open For Takeaways And Mental Health Support During Lockdown

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Manchester’s Mental Health Cafe Will Stay Open For Takeaways And Mental Health Support During Lockdown

Feel Good Club’s mission continues.

As the second national lockdown looms alongside Manchester’s staple grey skies, it’s easy to feel filled with dread at the thought of having to stay home for another month – with dark evenings limiting many this time around. But on a mission to continue their work to tackle the stigma around mental health is the Northern Quarter’s Feel Good Club, who have vowed to stay open to support those in need during the four-week lockdown. And it’s a welcome shoulder to lean on for those who are particularly worried about the thought of the tightened restrictions.

Offering a takeaway service to city dwellers over the next few weeks, guests will be permitted to visit the Feel Good Club for a cup of coffee to takeaway or just some good old fashioned human chat – with all staff trained in mental health first aid to help those in need during this ever-testing time.

Officially opening just last month during what has mostly been a time of struggle for the hospitality industry, wives Kiera and Aimie’s mission actually comes at the perfect time – a time where mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in many people’s lives, particularly for those who have been living under Greater Manchester’s tougher restrictions this year. Conducting some research on the matter just days before we enter the lockdown, the Feel Good Club found that Google searches for “How to deal with health anxiety” was up by a whopping 53%, with the term “Tips on how to cope with depression” showing an even more worrying increase of 67%.

Speaking of the decision to remain open, the Feel Good Club said: “We’ll be staying open throughout lockdown for takeaway, our team are mental health first aid trained so can support people who may be in need when they come to get their coffee.

“It’s a difficult time for everyone and we want to offer support to anyone who might be struggling during this time.”

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