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Get Lost In A Sea Of Sunflowers On This Stunning South Manchester Nature Walk

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Get Lost In A Sea Of Sunflowers On This Stunning South Manchester Nature Walk

The happiest field that ever did exist.

While we’ve definitely had a pretty shitty year so far, we can’t help but thank the pandemic for our newfound love of nature. From woodlands carpeted in bluebells to vast lakes and reservoirs, we’ve been lapping up picturesque landscapes at every opportunity. And we’re not ready to stop there. We’re pretty much addicted to the wholesome feeling we get at the sight of colourful spring blooms, and if you’re feeling the same, we have the perfect location to help you get your fill of that nature-induced serotonin.

Credit: Dunham Massey

Consisting of 4.5 acres of bright yellow, sunshine-resembling flowers, Dunham Massey is not only home to a fantastic National Trust site, but also a stunning sunflower field – which seemingly spans as far as the eye can see and provides a stunning habitat for bees, butterflies, and other busy-body insects.

Accessible via a number of entrances – including via the Dunham Massey estate and Oldfield Lane – the joyful field can be found near the Little Heath Farm Shop, which actively champions providing beautiful habitats for the “unsung farming heroes”, the pollinators.

Popping up and into season from May-October, the gorgeous flowers were planted just last spring, giving locals the perfect place to stretch their legs during the lengthy spring/summer lockdown in 2020. Now, we lucky non-locals finally get to enjoy them outside of lockdown, with paths running through the fields to wander down and a good few more acres to explore a few minutes away at the Dunham Massey deer park.

Credit: Dunham Massey

And while 4.5 acres of sunflowers, to us, sounds like an absolute dream already, the owners of the farm plan to expand even further on their efforts – with plans to sow an additional four fields which would total a whopping 29 acres.

The field can be found, and accessed, at Oldfield Lane, Dunham Massey, however, it’s recommended to park up at Dunham Massey for safer parking.

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