Cat Tries To Escape London By Jumping On Top Of A 125mph Train To Manchester

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Cat Tries To Escape London By Jumping On Top Of A 125mph Train To Manchester

Can’t say we blame it.

An oblivious cat unknowingly attempted a great escape from the capital yesterday, finding a comfy spot upon an Avanti West Coast train that was scheduled to depart for Manchester. Little did the fluffy bugger know, it caused quite a bit of havoc for both station staff and travellers – with a two-and-a-half-hour delay on the service while staff attempted to coax the kitty back down to safety. All jokes aside, we really can’t blame the poor thing. We wouldn’t want to live in London, either. Not when Manchester exists.

Luckily, curiosity (or the train’s power lines) didn’t kill the cat, and after over two hours of trying, staff managed to get the cat to willingly hop down onto a bin, before scrambling away to presumably cause more mischief around London town. Where this enigma of a feline ended up, we do not know.

Speaking of the incident, Joe Hendry, Network Rail station manager for Euston, said: “We often have to deal with birds inside the station but in all my time here this is the first train surfing cat!

“Thankfully curiosity didn’t kill this cat and we’re glad it avoided using up one of its nine lives thanks to the swift action of the station team and Avanti West Coast staff who organised for passengers to get onto a different train for the rescue to take place.”

Kathryn Pranga-Wells, lead station manager for Avanti West Coast, added: “The things some pets do to avoid lockdown. Thankfully we managed to avoid a cat-astrophe but don’t ask me-ow the cat got up there.”

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[Featured image: Network Rail/Avanti West Coast]

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