7 Of The Best Manchester Pizza Spots Currently Delivering

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7 Of The Best Manchester Pizza Spots Currently Delivering

Lockdown dinners don’t need to be boring…

Missing your fave Manc restaurant during the pandemic? No need. Restaurants across the city are finally beginning to re-open, filling our tums with their delicious grub in the comfort of our own homes. And if pizza’s what your stomach desires, you can rest assured there’s plenty to choose from right now. Read on for the best Manchester pizza available for home delivery.

1. Crazy Pedro’s

Credit: Crazy Pedro’s

All-American with some pretty creative toppings, Crazy Pedro’s is the perfect antidote to the ever-popular Neapolitan pizzas that Manchester is blessed with. From ‘KFC’ to the ‘Mac Daddy’ (which is inspired by that famous fast-food burger), there’s a little something for everyone – including vegans and vegetarians. The pizzeria is now re-open for both Deliveroo and click and collect from their Bridge Street restaurant, with both pizza and booze up for grabs.

2. Rudy’s

Credit: Rudy’s

Rudy’s is one of the most-loved establishments in the entirety of Manchester, reigning both Ancoats and Peter Street with their authentic Neapolitan pizza. The fluffy dough and sweet tomato base make for a divine combination that can only be understood by simply trying it (if you haven’t already). And because the ingredients are so flavourful, even the Margarita will feel like a taste sensation after being stuck with only frozen pizzas for the majority of lockdown. Rudy’s is available to order via Deliveroo, click and collect, and at both Manchester restaurants for their cook-at-home pizzas.

3. Noi Quattro

Credit: Noi Quattro

Situated in the Northern Quarter just behind Mackie Mayor, Noi Quattro aims to bring the tradition of Italy to us Mancs with their authentic Naples-style pizzas, that are made with some of the finest Italian ingredients. Not only do they serve pizza, but they’ve also brought some of the best street food in Italy with them – including Cuoppo, a cone-shaped paper that holds a mixture of delicacies, and a number of traditional sides and appetizers. Noi Quattro can be ordered via Uber Eats.

4. Ciaooo

Credit: Ciaooo Pizza

Another brilliant city centre spot for Neapolitan pizza, Ciaooo is based on Swan Street just on the edge of both the Northern Quarter and Ancoats, and their crust game is strong, to say the least. Perfecting that leopard-spotted cornicione that’s traditionally indicative of a top-notch pizza, Ciaooo has nailed the perfect, doughy Italian pizza – and differentiating themselves from their competition, they offer up some incredible topping choices. Their pizzaiolos are pretty heavy-handed when it comes to chucking things on top, with fresh burrata, Italian sausages and mortadella ham just some of the highlights. Order via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.


5. Proove

Credit: Proove Pizza

Nestled in the heart of West Didsbury, Proove Pizza has long been a fan-fave for those residing in South Manchester, and now, the whole city can enjoy it without leaving their homes. Serving both authentic Italian pizza and street food, their wood fire cooked pizza is a real treat – with so many options to choose from. The restaurant has really been doing its bit during the pandemic too, delivering free pizzas daily to key workers who deserve a little pick-me-up. There are veggie and vegan options available for those who like it meat-free, as well as salads, anti-pasta and tasty street food. Proove Pizza can be ordered via Deliveroo.

6. Franco Manca

Credit: Franco Manca

New to the city, Franco Manca has grown incredibly fast since it’s Brixton Market birth. The pizzeria is best-known for its tasty sourdough pizzas, which they’ve been perfecting for over 10 years already. The pizzeria takes advantage of seasonal ingredients, using both locally sourced and 00% Italian products for the best flavours possible. In fact, the founder is so particular about what he uses, he actually persuaded his mozzarella-making friend to move over from the southern Italian Apennines to England to manufacture Italian, creamy cheese for the restaurant. To order, download their app or find them on Deliveroo.

7. Corner Slice

Credit: Corner Slice MCR

A brand new pizza offering that was born out of the first lockdown, Corner Slice is Manchester’s first ever Detroit-style pizzeria, serving seriously tasty pan pizzas in Failsworth. Offering a menu full of American-Italian fusions, the neighbourhood pizzeria has a number of saucy concoctions to order – and now, you can order them via Deliveroo. For those outside of the catchment area, click and collect is also available, so you don’t have to miss out on cheesy slices while we’re confined to our homes.

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[Featured image: Franco Manca]

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