Aldi Are Giving All Their Employees A 10% Bonus To Thank Them For Their Hard Work

Alex Landon Alex Landon

Aldi pay rise

Work for Aldi? There’s a little bonus coming your way.

Manchester’s supermarket workers are true heroes of our time; whizzing toilet paper through checkouts, restocking shelves, and generally being some of the best people around town during a time of crisis. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones to notice, because Aldi have announced that they’ll reward their employees with a 10% bonus for all the work they’ve been doing during the coronavirus outbreak.

Some 33,000 employees now stand to receive a 10% bonus on all the hours they’ve worked since March 9th, in recognition of the inexhaustible efforts of store and distribution employees. Praising their “amazing colleagues”, Aldi noted that they’ve “been working tirelessly throughout this extremely busy time”. I think we can all agree that the pay bump is thoroughly well-deserved!

It’s just another great step the store has been taking to ensure everyone gets the food they need during the pandemic. They’ve previously put in place measures to prevent stockpiling, and now they’ve devised dedicated shopping times for emergency workers.

From 9:30-10am on Sundays, their stores will open solely to key workers from the NHS, Police, and Fire Service, and they’ll be given priority at checkouts when they open at 10am. You’ll need a relevant ID to get into the stores at this time, but it’s a welcome step to ensure those on the frontlines of the coronavirus fight are getting the chance to get the supplies they need. Another classy move, Aldi.

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