Aldi Is Taking New Measures Against Stockpilers Amid Coronavirus Crisis

By Laura Rogan

The supermarket has had to crack down on stockpilers.

Supermarkets across the nation have seen a huge increase in customers stockpiling items such as toilet roll and dried goods, leading to mass shortages country-wide. Now, Aldi has introduced new measures to make sure all customers are able to purchase what they need during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The popular budget supermarket has implemented a restriction to only four items per person across all products this week in a bid to stop people from stockpiling – including non-perishable goods such as pasta, rice and toilet roll.

Confirming the news on their Twitter page, customers have flocked in the comments to give them praise for the decision, with one user even saying they’d visited a store where a customer was trying to purchase eight 24-packs of toilet roll.

Photos of numerous elderly people trying to do their shopping amongst empty shelves emerged on social media over the past week, showing the effects the large-level of stockpiling has had on vulnerable shoppers.

Other supermarkets have been working around the clock with suppliers to replace stock, with Tesco also confirming they have now introduced limits on products to crack down on stockpiling.