33 Of The Cutest Live Animal Cams From Zoos Around The World

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33 Of The Cutest Live Animal Cams From Zoos Around The World

We may not be able to physically go and see cute as hell animals…

…but zoo’s around the world are spoiling us with some of the very best live animal cams. We can finally see what the animals get up to when they think nobody is watching. And it’s already been made clear that penguins love getting up to no good! [Featured Image: Zoo Miami, Instagram]

Here is some of the best content on offer for all your cute quarantine needs:

*Please note: some of these web cameras operate in different time zones and you may find they are snoozing away in the dark when you try and view them!*

1. Koalas at Edinburgh Zoo

2. Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo 

3. Tigers at Edinburgh Zoo

4. Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo and Zoo Victoria

5. Baby Meerkats at Zoo Miami

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For the first time in its history, meerkats have been born and are being successfully raised at Zoo Miami! On January 18th, “Yam Yam,” an 8 year old female who came to Zoo Miami from Busch Gardens in February of 2012, gave birth to two pups in a secluded area of the meerkat habitat. Yam Yam shares the habitat with three unrelated brothers named “Gizmo,” “Joe,” and “Diego” that are 6 years old and arrived from the Brevard Zoo in June of 2018. Any one of these brothers could be the father and only DNA tests would be able to verify which one. Since their birth, Yam Yam and the brothers have worked cooperatively to care for the newborns which are born helpless and blind. Zoo staff had a hands-off approach to allow the group to properly bond with the infants and created barriers in front of the public side of the exhibit to minimize any disturbances that may cause excess stress on the new family and lead to abandonment of the babies. Last week, the pups opened their eyes and have recently been observed exploring around the den, gradually moving further and further out into the habitat. Interested parties can go to Zoo Miami’s website, www.zoomiami.org, and click onto the meerkat webcam to try to catch a glimpse of the babies as they continue to expand their exploration within the habitat. Meerkats are a common omnivore from the mongoose family that are found in desert and other arid environments of Southern Africa. Made famous by the Disney character, “Timon,” from The Lion King, meerkats have become an extremely popular animal, especially with children. Known for their habit of having a sentinel standing on its hind legs looking out for potential danger from predators such as snakes, birds of prey and jackals, these very gregarious animals feed on a wide variety of invertebrates, as well as lizards, small mammals, eggs and fruits. Groups can number as many as 50 individuals and are known as a mob. They are exceptional excavators and will construct a series of tunnels to escape predators as well as the heat of the desert sun. Come visit the Meerkat exhibit within the Critter Connection at Zoo Miami and see these new additions! 📸: @ronmagillconservation

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6. Snow Leopards at Zoo Victoria

7. Giraffes at Zoo Victoria

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8. Lions at Victoria Zoo

9. Otters at Detroit Zoo

10. Baboons at San Diego Zoo

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Meet Tabuk! At 7 years old, Tabuk is not the oldest of Elvis' sons, but is the first to have acquired females from his dad. His females, Brittnay and Estillista, are the oldest two females in the troop. According to their keeper, Brittnay is not just the oldest Baboon in the troop (at age 23), but also one of the smartest. She seems to have made a smart choice with Tabuk. He appears very attentive toward his females, and is often seen offering them comfort, and making sure both are safe and happy. In this photo, Tabuk is cuddling Estillista, but also keeping an eye on Brittnay. It can't be easy juggling two different females! #meetthebaboons #hamadryasbaboons #sandiegobaboons #baboons #baboontroop #polygamylife #polygamygoals #baboonlife #hamadryas #sandiegozoo #sdzoo #sdzglobal #sandiegozooglobal #sdzooafricarocks

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11. Polar Bears at San Diego Zoo

12. Apes at San Diego Zoo

13. Elephants at San Diego Safari Park

14. Burrowing Owls at San Diego Safari Park

15. Condors at San Diego Safari Park

16. An African Savannah at Dublin Zoo

“Tune in live to the African Savanna, Dublin Zoo’s largest habitat that is home to giraffes, rhinos, ostrich and zebras. Also on this vast expanse, you will spot a very special species- the scimitar-horned oryx, a species of antelope that is now extinct in the wild.”

17. Gorillas at Houston Zoo

18. Leafcutter Ants at Houston Zoo


19. Rhinos at Houston Zoo

20. Chimpanzees at Houston Zoo

21. Flamingos at Maryland Zoo

22. Many Bears at North American Bear Company

23. Lemurs at Reid Park Zoo

24. Naked Mole Rats at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

25. Underwater Hippos at Toledo Zoo

26. Seals at Toledo Zoo

27. Red Pandas at Trevor Zoo

28. Chipmunks at Virginia Living Museum 

29. Secret Reef Camera at Tennessee Aquarium

30. Spotted Genet at Chattanooga Zoo

31. Tamarins at Chattanooga Zoo

32. Orangutans at El Paso Zoo

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33. Siamangs at El Paso Zoo

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