You Can Now Get Paid £100 A Day To Take Naps

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

You Can Now Get Paid £100 A Day To Take Naps

Blankets at the ready…

If taking regular naps is your dream job (because why wouldn’t it be), then dust off your CV, because you can now apply for the role as ‘Sleep Executive’ for a well-known curtain and blinds company.

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Offering a salary of £24,000 pro-rata (a pretty decent wedge for a nap!), Hillary’s are on the hunt for a chief napper to take part in their latest sleep experiment, where the company will test out various light and sound disruptions to see how they impact sleep.

The winning candidate will be required to wear a sleep monitoring device, which will help analysts determine how well or how poorly people can sleep in different conditions. The experiment will include testing out a number of blackout curtains, with varying amounts of light and sound disrupting. After each sleep session, they’ll be required to fill out a questionnaire which will help conclude the results of the experiment.

Credit: Unsplash

The experiment is open to those over the age of 18 only, and applicants must be based in the UK or Ireland to apply. While the role is open to anyone who wishes to apply, you’ll need to be able to travel to Hillary’s Nottingham head office for the experiment if you’re selected.

The winning candidate will be selected at random, with applications open until April 9 2020. Sound like you can finally put one of your biggest talents to good use? Find out more and apply here.

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