A ‘Yoga Rave’ Exists In Manchester And It Sounds Like So Much Fun

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

A ‘Yoga Rave’ Exists In Manchester And It Sounds Like So Much Fun

A ‘Yoga Rave’ exists, and it combines two of our favourite things: music and Yoga!

Hosted by wellness writer and Yoga teacher Liam Browne, the event fuses rave culture with the “divine medicine of Yoga”, providing the ultimate experience for unwinding.

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Combining dance with the traditional practice of Yoga, the session takes guests on a “euphoric” journey, stretching and shaking your body free from the stresses of the week. Suitable for Yoga bunnies of all levels, the experience will see a DJ play high energy dance music, allowing you to move it and shake it however your body feels.

Guests are invited to truly express themselves, especially for the occasion, with bright, colourful outfits encouraged. The music for the event has been created specifically for the Yoga Rave, with Manchester-based Patricia of Ecstatic Dance Manchester behind the tracks. The music promises to “carry you on this yoga and dance journey giving you highs of banging beats, uplifting tunes and relaxation through soothing Balearic beats.”

Credit: SPACE at The Mill

The experience will guide guests through a dynamic Yoga flow, chakra and dance – the perfect opportunity to let go of tensions ready for the weekend.

Taking place at SPACE at The Mill, a beautiful and tranquil open space in Castlefield, the event will take place on Friday 28 February – with tickets costing just £17.

Tickets are available to purchase here.

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