Chow Down On A Chinese Bottomless Brunch With Tasty Bao Buns And Gin Fizz Cocktails

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Chow Down On A Chinese Bottomless Brunch With Tasty Bao Buns And Gin Fizz Cocktails

Reigning supreme as the best city for bottomless brunch (IMHO), Manchester isn’t short of quirky and eclectic brunch options. In fact, the further away from actual brunch, the better, the majority of the time. Us Mancs come alive at the sound of ‘bottomless’ no matter what follows – let’s be honest – so it’s no surprise that when we caught wind of WowYauChow’s bottomless lunch deal that our interest was piqued, to say the least.

Located in lovely Altrincham, AKA the best place to live in the North West (apparently), WowYauChow offers a menu of tasty Chinese fusion cuisine, lending influences from the UK and USA when creating their innovative menu.

Credit: WowYauChow

Not only that, but they also offer a drool-worthy bottomless lunch, with completely bottomless food and drink on offer for 1.5 hours. Starting at just £23, guests can create their very own ‘lunch basket’ – with a choice of a dish from three sections, which includes dumplings, bao buns and rice/noodle bowls.

Kicking off at 1pm and 3pm every single day, guests can kick back and relax on their vibrant heated terrace during the summer months, with endless wine, cocktails and Tsing Tao being served for the duration of the session.

Credit: WowYauChow

It’s a far cry away from the traditional bottomless brunch which is usually jacked up to the nines with avocado, but it’s a very welcome change for our flavour-loving palates. Boasting both the more authentic dishes and the fusion dishes that the restaurant has become so well-known for over the years, the menu includes a selection of tofu, pork & chive and buffalo chicken dumplings, as well as sizeable bao buns packed with a choice of char siu pork, ‘quack’, crispy chilli chicken, tofu and a vegan ‘filet-o-bao’. The lunch dishes are accompanied by rice and noodle bowls such as soya chicken, steak black pepper, cauliflower curry and more – with guests able to try as many as they can stomach throughout the session.

Credit: WowYauChow

The bottomless event works on a three-tier basis, with just bottomless food available for £23, one lunch basket and bottomless drinks for £28, and completely bottomless food and drinks for just £33.

Brunch takes place every day, with two sessions at 1pm and 3pm, and tables are available to book here. Find them at WowYauChow, 59 Stamford New Rd, Altrincham, WA14 1DS.

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