10 Reasons We Don’t Want To Return To The Office Full-Time After Lockdown

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10 Reasons We Don’t Want To Return To The Office Full-Time After Lockdown

We’ve actually grown accustomed to life at home.

Been working from home during the pandemic? You’ve probably got into a brand new groove that’s specific to you, shedding old work habits and developing a whole new way of getting your job done. Whether it’s been the reality of a nice cold beer at 5pm on the dot each Friday or the ability to get the washing done during lunch – we’ve grown pretty fond of this remote working malarky. Here are ten reasons we’re not in a total rush to return to normal life now lockdown has eased…

1. Our pets are happy to see us

But not as happy as we are to see them. Seeing their fluffy faces in the morning and knowing they’re our teammate for the day is the greatest feeling in the world. Plus, they don’t speak, so we don’t have to endure painful small talk with the overly chatty office manager every time we head towards the water cooler.

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2. Our fitness routines are stronger

If you’re a lucky bugger like me and get to live right next door to your gym (which is also a curse at the same time), you’ll be feeling pretty grateful for working from home at the moment. Spin class at lunch? I’m there. Quick dash for a workout before dinner time (or tea time, depending how Northern you are)? Sorted. Our excuses right now are extremely limited and our bodies are grateful for it.

3. Our Amazon delivery driver will miss us

Ok, so we probably enjoy seeing our Amazon delivery driver walking up the drive more than they enjoy seeing us every other day, but it’s pretty nice sending ourselves little gifts and actually being home to sign for them. Gone are the days of the dreaded red Royal Mail slip – and we have to say, we like it this way.

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4. We actually don’t miss our daily Tesco Meal Deal

While our daily Tesco Meal Deal used to be the highlight of our day, we actually don’t miss it – and we’re saving a ton of money in the meantime (from both boujee lunch choices and the daily commute!). No more bad daily Diet Coke habit, and most importantly, no more cheeky chocolate from the shop when the afternoon slump hits.

5. Our priorities have realigned – for the better

Spending so much time at home gave us a lot of time to think, allowing us to realise the little things in life that we love the most. From our friends and families to old outlets and habits (such as reading or even just watching good old fashioned TV) – we’ve found new ways to make time for the things that really matter to us.


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6. We’ll miss our newfound lockdown hobbies

Did you find yourself taking up a whole host of new hobbies to keep you entertained? One of the most enjoyable things about lockdown was the new hobbies and skills that came with it, and we’re aiming to keep them up now that normal life is returning. Just need to find a way to bake banana bread on the commute home…

7. Our productivity levels are soaring

With more time to get things done in the mornings and evenings (when we’d usually be squished up on the tram), many workers have found their productivity levels higher than usual. Rather than rolling out of bed in the morning to open our laptops at 9am on the dot, we’ve found ourselves up and at ’em – cleaning the kitchen, doing a bit of Yoga and using our time for the better.

8. Our houses are clean for once

So I use the term ‘clean’ pretty loosely, but we’re definitely trying. Being at home and staring at the sink full of dishes makes it so much more unbearable than when we’d avoid it at the office all day – so I guess this one’s more of a ‘needs must’ situation than a habit we’ve voluntarily gotten into.

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9. Not having to worry about the good coffee running out

If there’s one thing we haven’t missed about the office, it’s that one colleague who may as well be on a coffee drip. No longer do we need to worry about getting into work before the good coffee runs out, because we’ve got our own – all to ourselves.

10. Daytime TV is wonderfully trashy

Sabrina the Teenage Witch followed by re-runs of Don’t Tell The Bride and Come Dine With Me? Who knew daytime TV could be so good? If you’re lucky enough to have a fancy smart TV or Chromecast, you probably won’t be able to relate to the struggles of channel surfing for the majority of the day – but the feeling of finding an absolute nostalgic gem is unbeatable.

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