Greater Manchester Family Create A Proper Pub Of Their Own In The Back Garden

By Laura Rogan

Back garden pubs are a thing of the future.

Just ask the genius Crabtree family from Wigan, who recently hired specialists Octavia Chic to create their brilliant new home addition. Just picture it now… Being able to stroll into the garden on a bright lunchtime, the sun is shining, and instead of dreaming of having a nice cold pint fresh from the barrel, you can actually have one.

Credit: Octavia Chic

Starting with what looks like a typical large garden shed for the transformation, furniture specialists Octavia Chic – a husband and wife duo – kitted the Crabtree family out with their very own pub called ‘The Drunken Crab’, complete with all the traditional fixtures you’d find in any usual pub. From a hanging outdoor sign, to old-fashioned beer pumps and even their own chalkboard menu – the end result of the three-week-long project looks exactly like your traditional local pub with all the trimmings.

Credit: Octavia Chic

Posting the completed project on their Facebook page, the post quickly went viral – garnering a whopping 62,000 comments and 34,000 shares since posting earlier this month – with many commenters wanting their very own back garden pub and tips on how to create one themselves.


Credit: Octavia Chic

Revealing on their Facebook page, the married couple behind Octavia Chic have said they’d seen huge demand for bespoke garden pubs following the success of ‘The Drunken Crab’, announcing that they’ll be serving the North West region for more bespoke projects this summer. Sounds like the perfect way to get your booze on while social-distancing if you ask me.

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