Vue Is Planning To Re-Open Cinemas Across The UK In Mid-July

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Vue Is Planning To Re-Open Cinemas Across The UK In Mid-July

Cinemas could be back in action sooner than we thought…

Huge blockbusters have suffered this spring, as cinemas across various countries were ordered to close amid the pandemic. Highly anticipated movies such as Black Widow, A Quiet Place Part II, and Mulan have been forced to push back their release dates to much later this year, with new dates set for as late as November.

Additionally to film premiere delays, TV productions have also been hit hard, with filming postponed on productions such as Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders, having a significant effect on new season release dates.

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While it currently remains uncertain how long the UK lockdown will last, Vue Cinemas’ chief executive Tim Richards has spoken to the BBC about their re-opening plans, revealing that the cinema chain is planning to re-open mid-July, saying “We can control how many people come into our cinemas,”.

Richards continued: “We are seeing our markets in Europe opening before ours,”

“We are trying to work with the government to demonstrate we are not like sporting fixtures and pop concerts.

“We can control how many people come into our cinemas at any one time – we have the ability to control the exit and entrance.”

Vue Cinemas are hoping to open in time for upcoming movie ‘Tenet’, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson | Credit: Syncopy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to make an announcement this Sunday, May 10, which will outline the government’s exit strategy for lockdown. If all goes to plan, Richards is hoping that Vue cinemas across the country can open in time for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming release, Tenet.

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