Truth-Seekers Will Descend On Manchester For An Alien And UFO Expo

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

Truth-Seekers Will Descend On Manchester For An Alien And UFO Expo

Do you believe in aliens?

Truth-seekers from around the world (the ones who aren’t planning to storm Area 51 to see ‘them aliens’) are preparing to descend on Manchester for an interstellar journey into the unknown.

Awakening UFO and Conscious Life Expo will take place this weekend (July 20) at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Longridge Road. And will see an incredible cast of respected researchers, spiritual figures and ufologist gather to share their knowledge and expertise on all things alien.

Guest speakers will include research scientist David Adair, who will share his experiences of Area 51 and the Apollo missions. Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe, bestselling author and former engineering consultant for aerospace companies Mike Bara. And ‘Ancient Aliens’ regular David Hatcher Childress, who will explore all the alien evidence that has been left behind on our planet over the years.

Photo: awakeningufo

There will be a presentation by historian and leading ufologist Richard Dolan, and a talk by Ghost Hunters presenter Barry Fitzgerald. While Tracey Garbutt will take attendees to other worlds with her remote viewing experiences and mystic and healer Sonja Grace will share the stories of her time travelling.

Tickets are available from Fever and priced from £10. Click here to get yours.

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