This Talk Answers What It’s Like To Be Locked Up In One Of The USA’s Deadliest Prisons

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

This Talk Answers What It’s Like To Be Locked Up In One Of The USA’s Deadliest Prisons

Shaun Attwood tells his fascinating story at a live talk right here in Manchester.

Lancashire-born Shaun Attwood attracted quite the attention back in the 2000s after being arrested in the USA for Ecstasy distribution. Serving in two prisons in Arizona, Shaun Attwood will share his story with audiences, giving his first-hand account of what it was really like serving in one of the USA’s deadliest prisons.

The appearance will be the first of its kind featuring Attwood, and attendees can expect to be taken on the rollercoaster ride that was his life back in the 1990s. From using drugs recreationally, to becoming a stock market millionaire and ultimately, an ecstasy kingpin, his story isn’t short of both highs and lows.

The movie-worthy story details Attwood’s life in the USA, where he moved after visiting his aunts multiple times in Arizona. Attwood quickly became involved with the USA rave scene, before seeing his downfall in 2002 when he was arrested and ultimately banned for life from visiting America. You can pick up your tickets for this unbelievable talk here.


Not only will Shaun Attwood be sharing his story from the very beginning, but also joining an additional talk featuring Jamie Morgan Kane, who was locked up for 34 years after being falsely prosecuted for murder. Kane avoided the death penalty by the skin of his teeth and has an absolutely fascinating story to tell about the trial and his time in prison. Attwood will be on hand to interview Kane during the talk, and will even be taking questions from the audience. Buy tickets to the Jamie Morgan Kane talk here.

Tickets are available to purchase now for these true crime talks, both taking place at Manchester’s theatrical Impossible.

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