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This Northern Quarter Venue Will Have Guinness On Tap To Help Mancunians Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

By Laura O'Neill

Trof will be serving Guinness alongside a spectacular parade of roast dinners this weekend.

A Guinness is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have, especially in the Northern Quarter. This year, Trof will be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by serving Guinness on tap for the entire weekend (for the first time ever) and curating an Irish influenced Roast and Records special on Sunday (March 17).

For this weekend, and this weekend only, the restaurant will have the Irish dry stout on tap for all Mancunian’s to celebrate. It is said that draft beer has long been heralded as the best option, whether it be for mouthfeel (ew), pressure control or the foamy head.

And Trof is vowing to supply this luxury to their guests for Saint Patrick’s Day, while those who enjoy a stronger tipple, will be able to enjoy a whisky cocktail special.


Photo: guinnessbreweryus

The kitchen will also be cooking up a spectacular parade of roast dinners including beef, chicken and pork as well as their divine vegan roast, all day Sunday. The records will be supplied by the lovely Augmented Sound, who will be providing a soundtrack of sweet funk, soul and disco throughout the day from 2pm until 8pm.

The restaurant advises booking in advance if planning on dining on Saint Patrick’s Day, please call to book on 0161 833 3197.

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