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5 Top Tips To Keep You And Your Home Feeling Fresh During Lockdown

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

5 Top Tips To Keep You And Your Home Feeling Fresh During Lockdown

Because you won’t be heading outside anytime soon…

As nice as your home may be, none of us is exactly used to being cooped up indoors for pretty much every second of every day. And because it’s so imperative that we all follow the government’s order to stay at home, we thought it might be worth sharing a few tips and tricks so that you can keep your space (and your mind!) feeling fresh during this time.

1. Keep your windows open

Snow might be falling outside, but there’s nothing worse than a banging headache at the hands of your central heating. Not only will the fresh air keep your space from getting all stuffy, but it’ll also clear out any fusty smells from cooking so much.

2. Hoover

If you’re anything like me, the space surrounding your work from home station is absolutely littered with crumbs from your mid-morning, mid-day, mid-afternoon snacks. Regularly giving your place a quick once over with the hoover will not only get rid of all those dust particles that make a room feel a little gross and stuffy, but it will also snaffle up all remnants of your secret snacks so you don’t have to feel guilty or explain to your housemate why you’ve eaten an entire pack of chocolate fingers in an afternoon.

3. Pack your work stuff away at the end of the day


Sometimes it might feel a bit much that your office is now your home and your home is now your office. Not being able to separate out these two spaces can feel a little claustrophobic. So, make a point of packing your work stuff away at the end of every day. If you clear everything away before you start your evening, you have a much better chance of truly being able to shut off and enjoy some down-time in a more neutral space.

4. Cook for yourself

As tempting as the now saturated list of suggestions is on Deliveroo, it’s a good idea to keep cooking for yourself during quarantine. Not only is it great for your immune system to load up on all of the essential vitamins and minerals, but cooking something fragrant, like a curry, or something super warming, like a hearty stew, will release lots of lovey aromas into your home, making it feel extra inviting.

5. Get some plants inside

To make your place feel a little less confining, why not bring the outside in with a few new leafy green friends? Scientifically proven to boost your mood, your productivity and reduce your stress levels, filling your home with plants is a sure-fire way to keep your space feeling extra fresh. Tend to them over the coming weeks and by the time this is all over, you’ll have your very own jungle!