Tommy Robinson Has Been Chased Out Of Bury And Had Milkshake Thrown Over Him In Warrington

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Tommy Robinson Has Been Chased Out Of Bury And Had Milkshake Thrown Over Him In Warrington

Tommy Robinson had milkshake thrown over him while campaigning in Warrington and Bury.

The former English Defence League leader is bidding to become an MEP in the European elections on May 23, and has visited a number of towns in the area this week. However, it’s not been an easy few days for Robinson (real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) who yesterday had (what looks like) a full milkshake tipped over his head while he was out and about in Warrington.

A video of the altercation, which was shared on Twitter by @SianyJx, shows Robinson arguing with Danyal Mahmud, who then upends his milkshake over Robinson’s head. Robinson appears to respond by throwing several punches at Danyal before the pair are separated as one of Robinson’s minders shouts ‘leave it Tommeh, leave it’. And the cameraman is heard to shout “that’s what you get for being a fascist!” as bystanders cheer.

Speaking to Asian Image, Mr Mahmud said he had been left shaken by the incident.

He said: “I was in Warrington for a meeting and afterwards was on my way home. I had to pass this group of people.

“He [Robinson] just kept talking to me. I kept moving location. I was the only Asian guy there. I said to him I do not wish to speak to you on or off camera. I just got annoyed with him. A milkshake ‘slipped’ out of my hand.

“I had no intention of doing anything or reacting in any way. But he kept talking. I feel a bit shaken up and shocked to be honest.”

The incident in Warrington was not the first visit to end in embarrassment for Robinson, who was filmed running away from a group of people in Bury on Thursday (May 2) as one repeatedly asked him if he was a ‘nonce’. He then took to YouTube, the only social media platform he is allowed on, and claimed a local had poured a strawberry milkshake over his head.

And on Wednesday (May 1), while attempting to drum up support in Salford, Robinson was accused of ‘just spouting any old shite’ by a woman he was attempting to convert.

The exchange, which was caught on video be @redbethmond, shows Robinson making animated conversation with the woman and telling her that the top judge in the country found that he did not pervert the course of justice. To which the woman responded: “Would you have done it if it had been a group of white men?”

She then told Robinson: “Well I don’t know about these things, do I?” And when he says “I do”, the woman retorts: “Do you really, or are you just spouting any old shite?”

The conversation appears to refer to Robinson’s conviction for contempt of court which saw him jailed for 13 months in May last year. He allegedly filmed people involved in the criminal trial of four men who were later convicted of gang-raping a teenage girl. But a contempt finding was quashed by the court of appeal in August and he was freed on bail pending new proceedings. He was never charged with perverting the course of justice, which is a different offence.

MP for Eccles and Salford, Rebecca Long Bailey and Salford Mayor, Paul Dennett released a statement on behalf of Salford Labour Party in preparation for Robinson’s visit.

The duo said of Robinson:

“Robinson, who is allegedly funded by foreign-based millionaires and billionaires from around the world, wants people in this country to believe that Muslims are their enemy.

“Tommy Robinson’s message of division and hatred has no place in Salford, a city characterised by working-class unity, community and solidarity.

“Salford Labour is proud of the city’s diverse heritage – from the Irish immigration which populated the docklands to our Yemeni and Jewish communities which have both been here for over 100 years and contribute so much to our city, and more recent communities who flourish and seek sanctuary here. Working people from all backgrounds have more that unites them than divides them.

“Robinson and his sponsors want you to see Muslim people in this country as your enemy. Really he is protecting the interests of a small few, against the many.”

Read the full statement here.

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