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A Tiki Submarine Pop-Up Bar Is Setting Sail Towards Manchester And We’re All Aboard

By Laura Rogan

Party with a captain at the submarine-themed tiki bar this Autumn!

Have you always wanted to explore the deep blue? Well, you’re in luck because a nautical-themed pop-up bar is cruising over to the North West giving you the opportunity to venture into the unknown like never before!

Join a gallant captain and their hardworking cold war-era submarine crew for an evening filled with live musical performances, intimate interactions, and underwater scenery that’ll leave you to believe you’re submerged under the Pacific. This 90-minute immersive “underwater” tiki-experience plans to serve each guest tropical cocktails before diving into the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Attendees are encouraged to wear tiki and/or naval attire, just be ready to take tons of pictures and don’t forget to leave your peg legs at home!


A limited amount of pre-sale tickets will be available real soon, which will be the best price!

Join the waiting list for pre-sale tickets here!