The Ultimate Guide To What To Watch While Stuck At Home Or In Self-Isolation

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The Ultimate Guide To What To Watch While Stuck At Home Or In Self-Isolation

Stuck in self-quarantine?

We feel you. Whether you’re working from home or in self-isolation thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve got you covered with a whole host of new movies, TV shows and the odd classic to watch on the most popular streaming websites.

The Lion King, NowTV

Credit: Disney

New to NowTV just this month, Disney fans can finally see Jon Favreau’s The Lion King at home, starring the Queen herself, Beyoncé. The live-action remake brings the original Disney classic a new lease of life with brand new “life-like” animation and an all-new cast, and it’s safe to say fans loved it. The re-make closely follows the story as it was in the original, meaning you can live out your nostalgic dreams without being outraged over any changes. The streaming service also has a number of other live-action remakes available to watch including Aladdin, Dumbo, Cinderella and The Jungle Book. That’s almost ten hours of absolute magic to keep you busy.

Midsommar, Amazon Prime

Credit: B-Reel Films

If you fancy taking your mind off the madness that is the current pandemic, Midsommar is sure to do just that. Florence Pugh stars in the gut-wrenching horror that had people leaving the cinemas in utter shock. The film follows a couple who travel to Sweden to their friend’s rural hometown, where a midsummer festival is taking place. Little do they know they’ll end up taking part in an incredibly violent and gory competition with a Pagan cult. Eek! The movie received critical acclaim upon its release just last year, and horror fans can now check it out on Amazon Prime, but a word of warning, it’s not for the faint of heart!

The Office (US), Amazon Prime

Credit: NBC Universal Television

201 episodes of pure happiness, what better excuse to re-watch the entire The Office box set all over again? If you’re not aware, the series originated in the UK starring Ricky Gervais, before being adapted overseas for our American friends. The US version follows a dysfunction group of office workers at work in a mockumentary-style format, with Steve Carell, a ton of dry humour and some seriously awkward moments. The nine seasons will take you a good few days to get through and when you’re finished, the UK version is available to stream on Netflix.

Fighting With My Family, Netflix

Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

There’s nothing more feel-good than a triumphant true story featuring a cameo from Dwayne Johnson. Starring Florence Pugh, Fighting With My Family follows the life of Saraya-Jade Bevis and how she went on to become a huge WWE success under the monicker Paige. Born into a wrestling family, Saraya-Jade must defeat her inner-turmoil with wanting to be with her family and becoming one of the most iconic female wrestlers the WWE has ever seen. It’s a heartwarming watch that’s sure to perk up your mood amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Toy Story 4, NowTV

Credit: Disney

Cry it out while saying goodbye to everyone’s favourite childhood cowboy and co. The final instalment in the Toy Story franchise is now available to stream on NowTV, with a bunch of new characters especially for the send-off. Woody and Buzz head off on a road trip with Bonnie and new friend Forky, with the gang bumping into some old pals along the way. It’s nostalgia at its finest, and Tom Hanks said himself it made him sob his heart out. Tissues required for this one, just probably don’t stockpile them. You’ll only need the one.

Homeland Season 8, All4 (1-7 available on Netflix)

Credit: Showtime Networks

Homeland is officially back for one last mission, with Carrie and Saul facing a number of obstacles after Carrie’s long-term confinement. The new season will see the iconic CIA duo face Al-Queda for one final round, with episodes streaming weekly on All4. For those who haven’t seen it already (and you should), the show follows Carrie (Claire Danes), a troubled CIA agent on a number of high-stake missions where she must protect the US from threats of terrorism. It’s all very action-packed and tense, and there are eight whole seasons to catch up on. The new season is only available on All4, however, you can catch up on seasons 1-7 on Netflix. That’ll keep you busy.

Uncut Gems, Netflix

Credit: Elara Pictures

Uncut Gems is not your typical Adam Sandler film, with the actor finally shedding his light-hearted comedy reputation for something a little more ‘grown-up’. The Scorsese-produced film follows a city jeweller with a bit of a gambling problem, which you can probably already predict gets him into a bit of bother. He must balance business and family in the high-risk pursuit of the win of his life in this chaotic and completely gripping crime movie. The critically acclaimed Netflix original film is streaming now, and it might even change your opinion of Sandler forever.

Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer, Amazon Prime

Credit: Amazon Prime

This one’s for the documentary fans out there. Following on from last year’s Ted Bundy hype, Amazon has released their very own documentary – this time featuring Ted Bundy’s ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, who was in a relationship with the notorious killer during the years he was active. Kendall speaks out on camera for the first time ever, telling her version of events which led to her ultimately calling the police on her boyfriend. The documentary features first-hand accounts from a number of women affected, showcasing the terrifying reality of Bundy’s crimes from a victim’s perspective for the first time ever.

Pandemic, Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Fitting given the current circumstances, Netflix’s Pandemic was released back in January and follows a number of medical professionals and scientists as they work to prevent a future outbreak. The documentary details the battle on the front-line against flu, as well as the measures that have already been taken to help prevent a future outbreak. It sheds light on how prepared, or unprepared, the world is to tackle a global pandemic and highlights important facts that could be helpful to those concerned about COVID-19.

Prison Break, Netflix

Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

An absolute classic of a series, Prison Break was massive back when it was released in 2005. The much-loved series starring Wentworth Miller ran for five seasons, giving plenty of material for you to watch while you’re bored at home. The show follows a man who infiltrates a prison he helped to design in order to rescue his brother, who has been falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. The whole thing is super tense and high-risk, so sure to take your mind off what’s going on in the outside world for an hour or two. There are 90 episodes to watch, guaranteed to occupy you for around 3,780 minutes. That’s a whole lot of minutes.

The Outsider, NowTV

Credit: Aggregate Films

Based on the Stephen King novel The Outsider, this brand new HBO show has been quite the global phenomenon, with the full series now available to watch on NowTV. Starring Jason Bateman, the series follows a suburban dad who is accused of a horrific murder, while detectives struggle to solve the gory and curious case. If you loved The Sinner, you’ll love this creepy mystery that features a whole lot of twists and turns. The series features ten episodes, so will kill around a day’s worth of your time.

[Featured image: Disney]

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