This Mind-Blowing Talk Explores The Possibility Of Parallel Universes

Alex Landon Alex Landon

This Mind-Blowing Talk Explores The Possibility Of Parallel Universes

Sort fact from fiction in this fascinating talk.

Fancy learning about something that isn’t social distancing and R numbers? We feel you. Thankfully, our pals at Fever are running their excellent Fever Talks in the new year, which means you can now enjoy a fascinating lecture about The Science of Parallel Universes that’ll open your mind to the possibility of worlds beyond our own. It kicks off at a secret location on February 23 at 7pm, and you can find your tickets here.

You’ve seen parallel universes featured in the likes of Rick & Morty, His Dark Materials, Stranger Things, and Fringe, but is it just the work of science fiction, or is there more to it than that? Here to help guide you through things is Dr Amelie Saintonage, associate professor of astrophysics at UCL, who’ll be exploring the cutting-edge research being conducted into parallel universes.

Dr Saintonage will help you navigate the mind-boggling maze that is the science of parallel universes, including the concept of a ‘multiverse’, and the theory that every choice you make creates a new, alternate reality. If you’ve ever wondered if there are millions of universes out there with millions of different versions of you in them, then this is the talk for you. Get your tickets here, and prepare for all kinds of intriguing insights.

Fever Talks will be running even more brilliant talks over the next few months, so check out the full range here!

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