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Joe Wicks Will Stream Live PE Lessons For School Children Across The Nation

By Marco Ruiz

Joe Wicks Will Stream Live PE Lessons For School Children Across The Nation

School’s out and the kids are at home, but… what are they going to actually do?

As a result of school closures across England taking effect today, 8,819,765 children now find themselves at home, most likely without much to do in the way of physical exercise. (Featured image: @thebodycoach)

Subsequently, Joe Wicks, aka ‘The Body Coach’, has announced on Twitter that the nation’s schoolchildren will be able to partake in his daily PE classes streamed live from his Youtube channel every morning at 9am.

Geared towards children of all ages, the 30-minute sessions are intended to “get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic”. They won’t need much space to work with as routines will feature loads of basic exercises primed to burn some energy.

If kids take to the 9am PE classes from their living room, we can imagine that parents will be mighty pleased, as many around the world have already taken to social media to express their amazement at the work teachers do.


If parents can’t seem to motivate their children to work out at 9am, then Joe’s Youtube channel also has a load of workouts for kids, most between five and ten minutes, that you can do together at any time of the day. Otherwise, get online at 9am on Monday for England’s first national PE class with Joe Wicks.