There’s An Immersive Menu Of Secret Cocktails Available At The Alchemist

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There’s An Immersive Menu Of Secret Cocktails Available At The Alchemist

The augmented reality cocktail menu and app allows cocktail fans to discover a secret menu of hidden elixirs.

The Alchemist, the bar and restaurant famed for theatrical experiences, is inviting customers to take the excitement to the next level with the launch of an augmented reality cocktail menu and app, The Conjurer.

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The Conjurer will allow cocktail fans to discover hidden elixirs by marrying the theatrical mixology element that underpins its menu with modern technology. The immersive menu allows customers to discover the secret cocktails across all locations.

With six Augmented Reality cocktails on the menu, there is plenty of choice for guests to unravel the carefully formulated concoctions.

With cocktails on the AR menu taking inspiration from childhood memories, guests can expect a variety of mesmerising drinks such as; Seaside Sour (Monkey Shoulder Whisky, citric acid, hyfoamer and seaweed) and the High Tea (Hendrick’s Gin, earl grey, lemon, Champagne foam). Each cocktail will allow guests to enter an unknown world of theatre-served and open a sphere where each cocktail has a unique, nostalgic story.

Photo: thealchemistuk

Once guests have conjured up all six elements on the menu, a ‘secret elixir’ will be unlocked – giving the drinker Alchemist status and unveiling the secret cocktail- The Hidden Elixir which will then be available to buy. To enter the hidden domain, guests simply download and open the app and focus their camera onto an augmented reality coaster to enter the mysterious realm.


Jenny McPhee, Head of Brand for The Alchemist said:

“We are extremely proud to be one of the first bar and restaurant brands to offer augmented reality cocktails on a national scale.

“We are always looking to push the boundaries of the experiences we offer, whilst showcasing the personality of our brand. We hope guests love The Conjurer as much as we do.”

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