TfGM Is Changing How The Metrolink Operates Now Shops Are Re-Opening

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TfGM Is Changing How The Metrolink Operates Now Shops Are Re-Opening

New measures will need to be taken.

Manchester’s city centre is set to re-open as of next Monday, June 15, with thousands of Mancs expected to return to work in non-essential stores across the city. Accommodating for a predicted influx of Metrolink users, TfGM has outlined new rules that will need to be followed to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Credit: TfGM

Starting from June 15, all public transport users will be required to wear a face-covering in order to board – a rule which applies to bus, tram and rail passengers. These will need to be worn for the full duration of the journey and will help to prevent the spread of infection while on board.

Additionally, TfGM continues to advise against non-essential travel, keeping in line with the government’s regulations around using public transport. People who are permitted to travel include those who are required to travel for work, or of course, for emergency situations. To reduce the number of people travelling without a ticket, or travelling for non-essential purposes, customers are no longer able to purchase day tickets using the app, with only seasonal tickets currently available to purchase.


Travellers will find stickers placed on platforms and in the trams themselves, which will help others to keep their distance. Queuing systems will be implemented for safety, and seating arrangements will be affected, too.

TfGM’s vigorous cleaning efforts will continue, and popular touchpoints such as door buttons, hand straps, railings, ticket machines and more will see regular deep cleaning. Hand sanitisers are also expected to be installed at tram stops soon.

Employers are also being encouraged to do their bit by supporting home working where able to and staggering the working day to allow workers to commute at different times – keeping services as safe and empty as possible throughout the day.

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