This Swiss Town Was Covered In ‘Chocolate Snow’ After A Malfunction At A Lindt Factory

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chocolate snow

Cloudy with a chance of delicious!

This small Swiss town Olten experienced a true Willy Wonka moment last week. Thanks to a ventilation defect at a Lindt and Sprüngli factory, locals in the area were treated to what appeared to be chocolate snowing from the heavens—probably the best weather they’ve seen all year.


The plume of cocoa nib dust was confirmed to be the result of malfunctioning cooling ventilation for the roasted nibs in the production line, according to local reports. These nibs of crushed cocoa beans are used to create the beloved Swiss chocolate wrapped up in that gold and red packaging.

This was coupled with strong winds last Friday, that spread the powder around the surrounding area of the factory, dusting everything in its fall with a fine layer of chocolate. The company has offered to wash any cars that were affected by the incident and have since repaired the ventilation system. They’ve also stated that the incident is harmless to the environment.

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