A Manchester Taxi Company Will Do Free Grocery Pick-Ups For The Elderly

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A Manchester Taxi Company Will Do Free Grocery Pick-Ups For The Elderly

Community spirit at its finest!

Offering a tiny piece of positivity during this incredibly uncertain time, local taxi provider Street Cars has launched a brand new service to lend a helping hand to those who need it most right now.

After seeing the volume of images online of Elderly and vulnerable customers trying to do their groceries amid completely empty shelves, the taxi company will be helping those in need get their essentials, describing the images as “heartbreaking”.

Credit: ASDA

The kind drivers will be available to collect groceries for those unable to make it to the stores due to quarantine and self-isolation, but better yet, will be offering this service for free for the over 65s. The service is sure to be incredibly helpful to those who are currently struggling to get to a large supermarket to collect the things they need while social distancing.

UK supermarkets have struggled these past weeks, with a large number of customers stockpiling essential items such as flour, eggs, bread, pasta and toilet roll, making it difficult for customers to get their weekly shopping and for the stores to restock quickly enough to fulfil demand.

Credit: Tesco

The increased demand has led to a number of stores implementing dedicated shopping hours for Elderly and vulnerable customers, as well as introducing limitations on the number of items you can purchase per shop.

If you require help, you can call Street Cars on 0161 228 7878 where a driver will be able to help. 

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