The Third Storm This Month Is Set To Batter Manchester This Weekend

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

The Third Storm This Month Is Set To Batter Manchester This Weekend

Three’s the magic number, apparently.

Like the North hadn’t had enough shit weather this month already, a third storm is brewing – and it even has a name so you can begrudge it further.

Storm Jorge is set to sashay its way into Manchester this weekend, with strong winds up to 70mph and buckets of rain impending. Met Office weather warnings are, of course, in full force, with the majority of the UK set to batten down the hatches ready.

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Lucky Southerners in London will, as usual, remain mostly unscathed, with warnings in force for the whole of the North and the Midlands, too. The warnings are for both wind and rain, with the Met Office advising the public that flooding is expected, likely causing major disruptions to public transport and journey lengths on the road. After a month of dreadful weather (even more so than usual for Manchester), it’s safe to say we’re used to it by now.

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Homes and businesses in Manchester are expected to flood, with recent storms already causing significant damage to some areas in Greater Manchester. Wind will wreak havoc on train and air services, with services expected to be delayed or cancelled altogether. Clearly they’ve never travelled with Northern Rail.

The warnings are in place for the whole weekend, with Saturday expected to be the worst of it. Hope you don’t leave the washing on the line!

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