Stockport’s Very Own Spider-Man Is Cheering Families Up During Lockdown

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Stockport’s Very Own Spider-Man Is Cheering Families Up During Lockdown

All while following the lockdown rules!

If quarantine was feeling a little too doom and gloom for your liking, this is sure to cheer you up – as two friends, known as the ‘Stockport Spider-Men’ have been making their way around streets during their daily exercise time to cheer up families through the windows, like the real-life neighbourhood heroes they clearly are.

Persuading kids to ‘stay indoors, wave, smile and be happy’, Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock, two friends from the area, are doing their bit to keep the kids entertained while schools are closed – and locals are absolutely loving it. Kids are so excited, in fact, they’re even putting up ‘Spidey Stop Here’ signs in their front windows and requesting a visit from him on the Facebook group for the chance to see Spidey.

The duo pop out for one hour each day separately, following the strict social distancing rules while on their Spidey patrol – and fans can even request they pop down their streets.

Hey spidey my son would love a visit ,was in the garden hoping to see you yesterday but didn't ☹ we are on Beverley walk…

Posted by Tracey Mclachlan on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The guys state on their Facebook group:

“When you see him please shout from your window but do not come outside. By all means take photos and videos and post them in here. Why not even have your little ones draw up and Spidey drawing saying ‘Spidey stop here’ and hang it in your window.

“We hope that this small gesture is well received and putting smiles on faces around Stockport. Ps. Spidey will try his hardest to get out as far and as wide as possible within reason but if he can’t he will do videos for all the kiddies who don’t get a chance to see him. Stay home, stay safe and keep smiling beautiful people of Stockport.”

Amazing ❤❤ thanks Spidey

Posted by Louise Stockton on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

If that wasn’t wholesome enough for you already, the Spider-Men are also using their newfound popularity to help raise money for the NHS, launching a JustGiving page today with the aim of raising £5,000 for the NHS. The donation page reads: “NHS staff and volunteers are doing amazing work right now in caring for COVID-19 patients. Together, let’s show our respect and gratitude as they work tirelessly in the face of the virus.”

[Featured image: Helen Pidd]

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