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The Taco & Tequila Joint Serving Up Cheap As Chips Tacos & Frozen Margs · Southside Tequila Joint

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

The Taco & Tequila Joint Serving Up Cheap As Chips Tacos & Frozen Margs · Southside Tequila Joint

Tequila and tacos? What more could you want!

A concept created as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown (which has been much more successful than my many attempts at banana bread – even now), Withington’s Solomon Cafe Bar has had a huge shakeup, transforming into a vibrant new tequila joint ready for summer. The bar, previously known for serving up a delicious brunch with coffees and cocktails, received a complete overhaul – looking to sunny Mexico for inspiration.

Aptly renamed the Southside Tequila Joint, the neighbourhood Mexican spot now serves up tacos and tequila – and is actually headed up by the previous owners of Solomans, as well as the creator of the much-loved city centre pizzeria, Crazy Pedro’s.

The space has been completely opened up with an open plan layout, super-bright decor and even an outdoor seating area – which is perfect for those warmers days when you’re looking to drink until the sun goes down. In addition to the main area, the venue also features a downstairs space, too, providing much more seating capacity that Solomans’ fans were previously used to. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve even extended their opening times, with drinks flowing right until 2am.

But now onto what you really came for… The grub. Offering up a menu packed with tacos, guests can enjoy the indulgent little suckers in many, many forms – with seven current options to choose from stuffed with fillings such as hot dogs, cheeseburger mix, buffalo chicken, and even tuna mayo. The tacos are served as 3 for £4 (bargain!), and to accompany, there are tortilla chips and Mexican pork scratchings to chow down on, too.

So, what do we wash it all down with then? Well, tequila – obviously. Specialising in a number of tasty tequilas, Southside Tequila Joint has also concocted their very own Margheritas – including those of the frozen variety for the warmer days. And if that’s not quite your style, there’s a couple of other cocktail options to choose from, including a gin version of the classic marg, and those of the fruitier variety, too. I say ‘Olé’ to that!

Southside Tequila joint is open seven days a week from 5pm til 2am, and can be found at 447-449 Wilmslow Rd, Withington, M20 4AN. Check with the restaurant for altered opening times as a result of the pandemic. 

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