A Gin And Beer Drive-Thru Has Popped Up In Salford

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A Gin And Beer Drive-Thru Has Popped Up In Salford

I think we all need a good drink right now.

Popping up at what couldn’t be a more perfect time, Salford-based brewery Seven Brothers and their (literal) sister business Sisters Distillery have teamed up to create the gin and beer drive-thru, something I never knew I needed until right now. The businesses are owned by the McAvoy siblings, who make up Seven Brothers and Four Sisters.

Credit: Sis4ers Distillery

The pop-up opened just this week, providing solace in gin for those who frankly need a bit of a wind-down from all the bad news lately. The drive-thru is open six days a week, Monday-Saturday, and will be on hand to provide comfort in a bottle for those who fancy a tipple while social distancing.

To make use of the handy drive-thru, customers need to place their orders online and check the ‘drive-thru’ option available at the checkout, where Sisters Distillery and Seven Brothers will work on your orders which will be available for collection the following day.

Credit: Sis4ers Distillery

The announcement reads: “We know how hard and confusing things are at the moment and social distancing is a must so if you live local and want to collect your online orders without having to come inside and mingle then just tick the “drive-thru” box in your cart and head down between 10-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays the day after you place your order (or any day after that).”

Orders will be passed through your car window, just as it would when going through a drive-thru, and is a great way of supporting a local business during this time. The Seven Brothers brewery closed their taproom to the public this week, however, their delivery and drive-thru services mean fans of their iconic cereal beers (and my personal fave, the Bee beer) can enjoy the local brews at home until the taproom re-opens.

You can find out more and support Seven Brothers Brewery here, and Four Sisters Distillery here.

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