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Manchester’s Most Terrifying Cinema Experience Has Officially Creeped Into Town

By Secret Manchester

Manchester’s Most Terrifying Cinema Experience Has Officially Creeped Into Town

A socially-distanced scare-fest has creeped into town!

Horror fans rejoice! Because an incredibly spooky al fresco cinema experience has creeped into town, and it’s set to be a real fright. Screening now, Park N Party is opening up the gates to Fright Night at SecretCity, an immersive, open-air experience featuring performances from live actors and some of the most terrifying films. The organisers have transformed EventCity in Stretford and have a jam-packed schedule filled with scary classics for audiences to enjoy… or have you on the edge of your seat.

But, beware, as this is no ordinary cinema experience. As you head towards the screens to watch your favourite horror film, you will face a whole lotta horror before the film has even begun, as you are led into a chilling scare tunnel. Prepare to be scared as you see live actors creep towards you, as well as lots of unexpected surprises that are bound to have you jumping out of your skin.

But the unexpected may not end after that truly hair-raising experience at SecretCity. Sit back, chill out (if you dare!) and watch a spooky film from the comfort of your seat, or behind it. You can choose from cult favourites including IT and Get Out alongside newer hits such as Midsommer – which will all be displayed across several large screens with live actors lurking in the shadows.

Once you’ve recovered from your voluntary fright, you can kick back and relax with a refreshing drink at SecretCity’s incredible new bar – which boasts ample al fresco seating, cold beers (among other tasty drinks) and tasty food such as burgers and loaded fries.


All the necessary social distancing measures are in place; with socially distanced tables available to book for groups of up to six and the whole scary shebang remaining non-contact.

The first screenings at Fright Night begin on June 23 and will run right until July 17th. The launch weekend has some fantastic films in store for us, too, including The Woman In Black. Better bring something (or someone) to hide behind!

Film Schedule:

  • Wednesday 30th June at 20:30 – The Invisible Man (classification: 18)
  • Thursday 1st July at 20:30 – Insidious Chapter 2 (classification: 15)
  • Sunday 4th July at 20:00 – Us (classification: 15)
  • Thursday 8th July at 20:30 – Midsommar (classification: 18)
  • Friday 9th July at 20:30 – Get Out (classification: 15)
  • Friday 16th July at 20:30 – Insidious Chapter 3 (classification: 15)
  • Saturday 17th July at 20:30 – The Purge (classification: 15)

Grab the popcorn and dare to drive down to SecretCity in Stretford, Manchester.

👉 Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you snap yours up here!