Rudy’s Pizza Has Officially Been Named The Fifth Best Pizzeria In Europe

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Rudy’s Pizza Has Officially Been Named The Fifth Best Pizzeria In Europe

What a recognition!

Like you even needed telling, Rudy’s Pizza is bloody good. Attracting queues around the block in pre-pandemic times (and completely booking out on the reg in post-pandemic times!), the Ancoats-born restaurant is as close to the real Neapolitan deal as we could possibly get, which has gained Rudy’s quite the fanbase throughout its six years in business. Opening restaurants across the nation, its cult status continues to grow – which may have a little something to do with its newfound recognition as the fifth-best pizzeria on the whole. damn. continent.

Topping the list in the top five, Big7 officially ranked the local pizzeria among some of the big dogs in the world, coming in just four places behind what’s widely considered to be the world’s best, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples. The famed pizzeria is set to give Rudy’s a run for its money sometime this year, with a new restaurant confirmed to take over a site on King Street.

Credit: Rudy’s

But back to our one true love, Rudy’s. Still relatively in its infancy, the pizzeria was acclaimed by the team at Big7 for the ‘true labour of love’ put into each and every batch of dough made, also applauding its technique for being in the same manner as the Naples way. Just a couple of years ago, the publication named Rudy’s the tenth best pizza in the world, strangely – in our opinion – dropping it to sixteenth place just last year. Whatever, they’re still number one in our eyes.

Here’s the top ten in full:

  1. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples
  2. Bæst, Copenhagen
  3. Old Scuola, Rotterdam
  4. Animaletto Pizza Bar, Bucharest
  5. Rudy’s Pizza, Manchester
  6. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo, London
  7. Gustapizza, Florence
  8. Digó Nápolyi Pizza, Budapest
  9. Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo
  10. Lilla Napoli, Falkenberg

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