Local Graduates Launch Initiative Making Blankets From Crisp Packets To Keep The Homeless Warm

By Laura Rogan

The project launched just a couple of months ago.

Two local graduates have launched the Rough Sleepers Project: North West – a new initiative that recycles crisp packets to provide sustainable blankets for the region’s homeless. Inspired by the Crisp Packet Project born in East Sussex, the new initiative is a brilliant example of taking unused goods to help Manchester’s growing homeless community.

Credit: Rough Sleepers Project: North West

Speaking of the project, the founders said: “Inspired by the Crisp Packet Project in East Sussex, we’ve decided to take this amazing cause to the cities of Manchester and Liverpool. This project uses used, washed crisp packets, which will be sanitised and ironed together to make blankets/ sleeping bags for rough sleepers around the North West.

“This is a great way to help the environment but also help those who need it most during this pandemic.”

Credit: Rough Sleepers Project: North West

The Rough Sleepers Project: North West has seen huge success since its launch in November, with many stepping up to volunteer by donating empty crisp packets and even offering their time to make the blankets, too. The blankets are made by simply cleaning and cutting up empty crisp packets, before laying them out and sealing them together with an iron-on plastic. The blankets then provide cheap insulation for those in need in both Manchester and Liverpool, and are easily rolled up to carry around. The initiative has also begun making dog blankets, too, not only helping out the homeless – but their pets, too.


For those looking to get involved, crisp packet donations can be made to The Old Town Hall, 5 Irwell Place, Eccles, M30 0FN – or can be posted to Rough Sleepers, Oasis Hub, MediaCityUK, King William Street, Salford, M30 3UQ.

[Featured image: Rough Sleepers Project: North West/Unsplash]