Pret Staff Will Be Handing Out Free Iced Coffees In Manchester

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Pret Staff Will Be Handing Out Free Iced Coffees In Manchester

Pret staff will be handing out free iced coffees and cold brews.

I know it feels like it’s only just arrived, but summer is coming to end. Which means short days and dark mornings, with only Bake Off and the countdown to Christmas to give us comfort.

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But it’s not over yet, and to help us celebrate the last of the sunny (ish) days, the generous folks at Pret will be handing out free iced coffees in Manchester tomorrow (August 30), between 10am and 11am.

Pret teams in shops across the country have been treating customers with ‘random acts of kindness’ this summer. If customers have missed the chance to take part so far, then Friday (August 30) offers another opportunity, with the final ‘Friday Freeze’ of the summer.

Iced Americanos and Iced Lattes, all made with organic coffee beans prepared by Pret’s expert baristas will be included in the giveaway. And for those who don’t like coffee (heathens), there’ll be Iced Matcha Lattes, Iced Turmeric Lattes, Iced Chai Lattes and Iced Chocolate available.

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To receive a free iced coffee, customers should head to their nearest participating Pret and quote the password to a team member behind the counter. The password will be revealed on Pret’s social channels on today (August 29) and a full list of those participating will be available here.

Briony Raven, Global Coffee & Packaging Director at Pret, said:

‘We wanted to see the summer out with one more of our Friday Freeze giveaways – we know our customers love them. 

“Our baristas pair our organic espresso with milk, soya milk or rice-coconut milk and ice for a refreshing pick me up. Customers can also request matcha, turmeric or chai iced lattes, or even chocolate over ice, so there should be something for everyone.” 

Pret’s iced coffees will be served in a recyclable plastic cup with a paper straw. Alternative milk options will also be available so customers will be able to enjoy their coffee exactly how they’d like it.

To find out more, and discover the password and which shops are involved, keep an eye on Pret’s social media accounts (@Pret on Twitter; Pret A Manger on Facebook and @Pret on Instagram).

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