Pink Prosecco Is Now A Thing, And It’s The News We All Needed

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Pink Prosecco Is Now A Thing, And It’s The News We All Needed

You’ve heard of pink gin, now you’re getting pink prosecco.

Pink prosecco has a nice alliterative ring to it, does it not? Well, you ought to get used to hearing it because it’s officially a thing now, according to the Prosecco DOC Consortium.

Italy approved the production of Prosecco DOC Rosé, a beautiful pink prosecco, back in the peak lockdown days of May. More specifically, it’s rosé prosecco, but, whatever it is, we want it by the bucket load.

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The product was unanimously approved by The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies’ National Wine Committee, and originally we were told it could hit stores by next year. However, to coincide with National Prosecco Day (which, by the way, fell on Thursday, August 13), Asda has announced that they will be stocking it in time for Christmas.

You may have drunk sparkling rosé before, but this official pink prosecco is different—and its creation needed approval before now. In order to officially classify as ‘prosecco’, it must be from the northern Italian region of Veneto, should be made from glera grapes and 10 to 15% pinot nero grapes, and needs to undergo at least 60 days of tank fermentation. This is where it gets its fizz—unlike Champagne, which ferments in the bottle.


The Prosecco DOC Consortium estimates that up to 30 million bottles could be produced each year. I’ll cheers to that!


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