You Can Now Get A Giant Pig In A Blanket Wrapped In Yorkshire Pudding At This Manchester Restaurant

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You Can Now Get A Giant Pig In A Blanket Wrapped In Yorkshire Pudding At This Manchester Restaurant

The perfect festive lunch doesn’t ex-

Just when you thought the ultimate festive lunch didn’t exist, Porky Pig Carvery – the team behind Manchester Christmas Market’s popular Yorkshire Pudding wrap – has created a genius new wrap, combining our biggest seasonal faves in one meal. Consisting of a giant “chip shop-style” battered pig in a blanket as its main filling before being smothered in gravy and onions, the wrap is enclosed inside a giant Yorkshire pudding and sealed Panini-style – keeping its contents hot and toasted to perfection.

Credit: Porky Pig Carvery

And while the team won’t be popping up in town as part of the huge Christmas Markets this year, fans of their famous wraps can actually enjoy them in their own homes this festive season – with the Cooper Street restaurant offering delivery all-year-round via Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

The new Pig In A Blanket Yorkie Pud wrap joins a wonderfully Christmassy new menu, which includes a giant Christmas dinner, a turkey dinner in a giant Yorkie Pud, a brie and cranberry melt, a pork and stuffing baguette, a whopping tray of roasties smothered in gravy and even battered cranberry sprouts.

Credit: Porky Pig Carvery

Mancs will also be able to get their hands on their original Yorkshire Pudding wrap, which is filled with ham, beef, pork or chicken, and topped up with gravy, mint gravy or onion gravy, before being finished off with seasonal veg and stuffing.

Manchester Christmas Markets, which Porky Pig Carvery has a huge pop-up stall at every single year, was cancelled this Autumn as a result of growing Coronavirus cases in the country. The markets are expected to make their grand return in 2021, with Porky Pigs in tow.

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