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Patrick Stewart Is Posting A Shakespeare Sonnet A Day Until The Pandemic Is Over

By Marco Ruiz

A sonnet a day, as promised by Sir Patrick Stewart, will keep the doctor away.

Sir Patrick Stewart’s reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 has clocked up more than one million views on Twitter since it was posted over the weekend, and the grand response has consequently led him to shower us with more readings. (Featured image: markbach, Flickr)

His first reading begins with no introduction and no preface, calmly beginning and continuing with perfect diction, carrying us along with his dulcet tones.

We could sit here and listen to Sir Pat repeat ”that looks on tempests and is never shaken” line over and over again, but there are more sonnets to be heard, because, as all great knights do, Sir Patrick Stewart has kept his word and posted Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2 to Twitter.

If this continues, which is likely, we’re almost happy to keep ourselves locked up for another 150 days (to make up the total of 154 sonnets) because, in the wise words of one Twitter user, Sir Pat could ”read the back of a cereal box and it would be beautiful.”

We do not disagree.

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