Outdoor Drinking Has Been Banned In Manchester Ahead Of The Bank Holiday Weekend

By Alex Landon

Well this is a blow to those big bank holiday plans…

Manchester is already living a slightly different existence to the rest of the country, as the area’s local lockdown still prevents us from visiting friends or family in their houses or gardens. Now, the city’s restrictions are set to get a little tighter over the bank holiday weekend, with outdoor drinking now banned in Manchester city centre for the three-day weekend.

Mercifully, you’ll still be allowed to drink inside pubs and restaurants, but any park gatherings will need to be put on the backburner for the time being. The new measures have been driven by fears over widespread gatherings during the long weekend, with the prospect of lax social distancing from drinkers being a particular concern. Police will be enforcing the new rules by way of a Public Space Protection Order to prohibit drinking on non-licensed premises.


The move comes ahead of a mandatory review of Greater Manchester’s lockdown measures on Thursday, although any relaxing of the rules is thought to be unlikely. Guess you’ve have to fire up the BBQ and break out the beers for an at-home celebration this weekend, then.

Helpfully, here’s everything you can and can’t do in Manchester under the current lockdown rules.