An Otter Has Been Spotted In The River Irwell And It’s The News We All Needed Today

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An Otter Has Been Spotted In The River Irwell And It’s The News We All Needed Today

The otter was spotted in Salford, of all places.

In today’s wholesome news, the ‘first ever’ otter in the River Irwell has been spotted, and it’s a pretty ‘big deal’ – according to experts, at least.

Found close to the city centre by the University of Salford’s Adelphi building, the mammal was snapped by council worker Peter Openshaw – proving that the cheeky-looking animals have returned to Greater Manchester waters.

A post by Mersey Rivers Trust read: “It’s little things that make our collective efforts worthwhile. Spur us on to achieve more.

“An Otter in the Irwell at Adelphi in the centre of Salford. HOW AMAZING IS THAT”

While the species is fairly widespread in the UK – they are still considered to be rare in our country, mostly found along the coast in Western Scotland. Otters preferred habitats include freshwater rivers, lakes coastlines and marshes – however, they mostly live in dens – only appearing at dusk and dawn to hunt. Some species of otter are nocturnal, too, meaning they’d be most likely seen out hunting during the night. We’d probably recommend avoiding the swim down to Deansgate Locks on a Friday night though once the pandemic is over, little otter.

The Mersey Rivers Trust project Manager Paul Corner told Salford Now of the sighting: “It’s an Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra), native to the UK.

“Their population is expanding across our region, which is why they are turning up in cities; they follow the main rivers, looking for food”

The news comes after bees and wildflowers flourished in the UK this summer, as humans remained indoors due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

[Featured image: Mersey Rivers Trust]

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