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Up Your Zoom Game With These Compelling Online Murder Mystery Games

By Laura Rogan May 20, 2020

Your weekly Zoom catch-up just levelled up.

Found yourself completely engrossed in true-crime documentaries lately? Put your newfound sleuthing skills to good use, gather your housemates and immerse yourself in a compelling mystery that’s sure to drag out the Sherlock Holmes in you. Hosted by a number of entertaining actors, you can now take part in a series of hilarious, live murder mystery events online, with a ton of different themes for budding detectives to choose from.

1. Murder & Sparkling Wine

A murder that’ll transport you back to the 1930s, Murder & Sparkling Wine takes place at a party held by Lord Jolly Jape and his family (played by brilliant, hands-on actors) – and as expected, the event features a big ‘whodunnit?’ storyline following the mysterious death of a guest. Meet with shady and highly-suspecting characters who all have something to hide, and uncover dark family secrets that might just lead you to the truth. You’ll even receive case files ahead of the live online event to study like a true sleuth. Purchase tickets here.

2. Murder In The Museum

The perfect plot for those looking for an alternative murder mystery theme, Murder In The Museum follows a renowned explorer, Digger Jones, who has just returned from his latest trip with the world’s largest diamond ever discovered. Rumour has it, though, that the diamond is cursed. Spooky! When a body is discovered in the museum, it’s up to you to figure out: is the diamond really cursed? Or did somebody have a motive? Only a thorough investigation will tell with this bunch of peculiar characters. Pick up tickets here.

3. Murder On Stage

Lights, camera, murder! This one’s for fans of the theatrics. Set at an amateur theatrical company, aptly named ‘DEATHS’ (Darlington Entertainers and Theatrical Society), the cast is about to perform their version of a murder mystery classic… But in true murder mystery style, there’s a dead body in the dressing room. How inconvenient. Meet with six sketchy actors who all seem suspicious as you assist a detective with finding out the truth. The storyline will keep you on your feet as you hunt for clues, with entertaining twists to discover as you dig for details. Tickets are available to buy here.

There’s a whole host of themes available to stream from home, with tickets ranging from just £6-£14.99 per household. The events take place during May and June, and tickets can be purchased online now.

Check out the full list of Murder Mystery events here.