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Put Your Detective Skills To Good Use With These Compelling Online Murder Mystery Games

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Put Your Detective Skills To Good Use With These Compelling Online Murder Mystery Games

Staying in just got fun.

Found yourself completely engrossed in true-crime documentaries lately? Put your newfound sleuthing skills to good use, gather your mates and immerse yourself in a compelling mystery that’s sure to drag out the Sherlock Holmes in you. Hosted by a number of entertaining actors, you can now take part in a series of hilarious, live murder mystery events online, with a ton of different themes for budding detectives to choose from.

1. Sherlock and the Palace Assassin 

Starting with a bit of Sherlock himself, for two weekends this month, budding sleuths can take part in a fun online murder mystery – which follows a peculiar death at a palace. Featuring five actors who’ll be on hand to guide you through the scenes, players will need to figure out who killed the butler as soon as they can, with interrogations with each suspect. Tickets are per device, so you can get your entire household involved in the session.

2. Silent Movie Murder

Taking the murder mystery right back to the days of the Silent Movie, guests will step into a glamorous world shrouded in mystery as movie star Gerda Loynes attempts to save her career. But will she stoop as low as murder? Meet the suspecting characters, decipher the clues, and figure out exactly what’s going on at Gerda’s elaborate party. Tickets available here.

3. Murder Is Frightful 

Getting a little spooky during this incredibly spooky month, step inside the haunted Haunts Hill House, where a wealthy recluse has suddenly died a curious death. Uncover the house’s many secrets, meet characters who all have something to hide and figure out their true intentions as the evening goes on, with an interactive plot to enjoy over a few drinks. Tickets are on sale now, and are purchased per household.

4. The Big Cat Murder Mystery

Welcome to Wynnewood County, the home of an utterly mad zoo full of utterly mad people. Inspired by that Netflix documentary, players will need to decipher the clues surrounding an arson attack on the zoo – which some seriously quirky characters to interrogate while you investigate the crime. There’ll be plenty of wackadoodle goings ons to consider, with exotic animals, drugs, more drugs, drive-by mattress shootings and sardine oil. Tickets are available here.

Check out the full list of home experiences here.