Your Mission In This Interactive Adventure Is To Rescue Two Brave Minds From The Dream World

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Your Mission In This Interactive Adventure Is To Rescue Two Brave Minds From The Dream World

Save the hostages in this online adventure or watch them dissolve.

On the mission, should you choose to accept it, you and your team will need to free two brave minds in a world where not all is as it seems. Will you be able to save them or will their courage have gone to waste and our dreams of life after death come to nothing? Find out if you have what it takes to save the future of humanity in this online adventure game where you get to interact with a live performer as part of the story.

Accept the mission and save the hostages from disappearing into nothingness.

The Story

The most brilliant minds of our generation have been working tirelessly to build a haven far from the grips of our own mortality. The good news is that they have succeeded and all those who wish to upload their minds to the Freeplane and continue living will be free to do so.

However, there are a few who wish to keep humanity from life after death and they have hacked this ethereal realm. Now, the two brave minds who led the way and risked it all are trapped inside and will wither away. That is unless you and your team can decipher the shadowy dreams and bring them back from the brink.

Escape To Freeplane is an online adventure game where you will not only solve puzzles and unravel clues to save the day, but you will also interact with one of the brave minds trapped inside the virus-infected dream world. Since the haven of freedom was hacked, however, it has turned into a prison of the subconscious and you and your team will need to choose whether or not you trust what the live performer says.

If their mind has been corrupted by the sinister whispers floating about, they will hinder your efforts by setting you down the wrong path and the precious time you have will waste away. If not, then you will need to work quickly to solve the shadow world puzzles, interpret the abstract images and create a dream language capable of communicating the escape.

Designed for teams of two to eight people, the online-adventure mission takes place on select nights per month at both 6pm and 8pm where you will connect over Zoom. Grab your snacks and drinks and play with friends and family at home or with friends and family who live anywhere else in the world.

From the pre-game online content to the 90-minute mission with a live performer and unique interactive content, there’s plenty of fun to be had. But remember, the decisions you make affect us all.

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