The Northern Quarter Is Going To Be Permanently Pedestrianised In £2.3M Development Plan

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The Northern Quarter Is Going To Be Permanently Pedestrianised In £2.3M Development Plan

The Northern Quarter is set to undergo new improvements.

Manchester’s uber-cool Northern Quarter is set to undergo quite the transformation, with Manchester City Council confirming a £2.3M development plan which will see the inner city area permanently pedestrianised.

Initially put into place as a temporary measure during the COVID-riddled summer of 2020, the Council blocked off a number of streets to traffic, allowing restaurants and bars to create outdoor terraces and more space for pedestrians to social distance. Now, following positive feedback from the community, the Council has decided to make it a permanent fixture – which could see businesses able to have more permanent outdoor terraces in the summer.

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A letter disturbed to residents reads: “Our plans will make Manchester’s brilliant Northern Quarter streets even more dynamic, lovely to look at and pleasant to use.

“They would be safer, greener and better for everyone – especially for those enjoying this buzzing quarter of our city as it should be enjoyed: on foot and by bike – as well as other transport users.”

The proposals include better features for cyclists, less on-street parking, more trees, “pleasant” public spaces, nicer pavements, traffic-free zones and a partially pedestrianised Stevenson Square.

The council has also said: “These plans are part of a Greater Manchester-wide revolution for travel on foot and by bike. More than 1,800 miles of routes with 400 miles of Dutch-style segregated bike lanes will form the UK’s largest joined-up network for walkers and cyclists. The routes will connect every community in Greater Manchester and make healthy cycling and walking a real alternative to car travel.”

Just last year, the Council part-pedestrianised busy Deansgate, helping the city move closer to their carbon-free by 2038 promise.

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