A Fabulously Funky Disco Is Coming To Manchester Cathedral On New Years Eve

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A Fabulously Funky Disco Is Coming To Manchester Cathedral On New Years Eve

NYE Disco At Manchester Cathedral is here to get you in the groove for 2022 with live DJs, local artists and dancefloor-vibrating beats. On December 31 the fun-loving crowds will be flocking to Manchester Cathedral, no doubt dressed up to the nines in glittering sequin dresses and white tuxedos (a la John Travolta). If your head is often filled with the funky melodies of Sister Sledge or you’ve been dying to dig out your vintage flares, you’ll want to be first in line for these tickets.

Planning for New Years Eve is always a bit of a hassle: rounding up your friends, deciding on something you all like, desperately avoiding throwing a house party because all you can think of is the next day cleanup. The usual. This NYE party is here for one night only – a glittering disco ball on the horizon that promises a good time for anyone who is still at a loss at how to celebrate this year.

Those who get a ticket to this fabulously fun soiree can expect everything from soul house to old-school disco to pump from the speakers, courtesy of some top Manchester DJs. The event will kick off at 8.00pm and, like all good NYE parties, lasts well past midnight. When you’re not busting moves on the dance floor, you’ll be able to refuel at a bar fully stocked by Dovetail Drinks. The buzz of the booze, the irresistibly infectious music and the fun-loving crowds dancing the night away will no doubt ensure an unforgettable night.

All this will be taking place in the 600-year-old Manchester Cathedral. The dazzling disco and 15-century medieval church are sure to be a striking combination, with the grand gothic architecture providing a beautiful backdrop as the DJ’s do their thing. Upon arrival look out for the psychedelic lights shining out of the giant stained glass windows and follow the resounding beats spilling from thick wooden doors.

If this sounds up your street make sure to grab tickets before they disappear faster than you can say happy new year. Soon, you’ll be counting down the days until you can let your hair down in one of Manchester’s most iconic buildings.

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