Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix In August 2021

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Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix In August 2021

From Hollywood blockbusters to new Netflix Originals, there’s so much in store for August.

Not quite got that holiday booked just yet? At least we have Netflix. Continuing an incredibly strong summer season on the streaming platform, Netflix has a number of gems in store for us this coming month. Here are our picks of the best new movies and TV shows, new to Netflix this August 2021.

Pray Away, August 3

Credit: Netflix

A brand new documentary that investigates the damage and abuse caused by gay conversion therapy camps, Pray Away tells the story of the rise and fall of Exodus International – an organisation that claimed to be able to use prayer and therapy to make gay people straight. Ex-leaders and a survivor uncover their version of events, and the harmful effects that came along with the organisation’s actions. Stream it from August 3.

Cooking with Paris, August 4

Credit: Netflix

Paris Hilton is joined by a star-studded array of guests in Cooking with Paris, which shows the starlet (in true Paris style, of course), taking on a number of recipes and showing her guests how to ‘cook’. Of course, the show is not at all serious, and Simple Life fans can expect some hilarious, meme-worthy moments throughout. Watch it from August 4.

Paddington, August 7

Credit: StudioCanal

When in doubt, put Paddington on. Coming to Netflix this month, team Secret Media’s favourite feel-good film is set to be more accessible than ever, and we can’t wait. Following a young bear who travels to London from his native Peru, Paddington finds himself temporarily adopted by the Brown family as he struggles to navigate his new life in the big city. Watch it from August 7.

The Kissing Booth 3, August 11

Credit: Netflix

The final instalment of The Kissing Booth is coming in August, giving fans much-anticipated closure. Following Elle in her final summer before heading off to college, fans are in for a wild ride as she ticks off everything on her bucket list before she leaves. Watch it from August 11. 

Riverdale (S5), August 12

Credit: Netflix

After being put on a temporary hold as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic – which affected much of the production of season 5 – Riverdale is back, picking up right where it left off. Reunited after years apart, the gang must join forces to take down Hiram Lodge, who has destroyed the town they once knew and loved. Watch episodes weekly from August 12th. 


Downton Abbey, August 15

Credit: ITV

Fancy getting stuck into an old favourite? Every. Single. Episode of Downton Abbey is coming to Netflix, meaning you can binge-watch the ITV classic all over again. If you didn’t get round to it the first time, now’s your chance to enter a fabulous world of heirs and aristocrats and escape from peasant life for an hour or two. Stream it from August 15.

The Chair, August 20

Credit: Netflix

Superstar Sandra Oh is back, and while we certainly miss her as TV icon Eve (of Killing Eve, duh), we can’t wait to check out her performance in The Chair. Following Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Oh), the chair of the English department at a university, The Chair see Ji-Yoon Kim face a number of roadblocks at her new job – from being a woman, to being one of the very few women of colour within the institution. Watch it on August 20.

He’s All That, August 27

Credit: Netflix

Flipping 90s rom-com She’s All That on its head, TikToker Addison Rae stars in He’s All That, the gender-swapped remake that sees her character Padgett take on Cameron, the school’s least popular boy, as a project to make him the newest Prom King. Expect your typical, guilty pleasure, easy-to-watch rom-com with this one. Streaming from August 27.

Good Girls (S4), August 31

Credit: Netflix

Good Girls fans, it’s time to say goodbye. Returning for a final season next month, fans will be able to go on one final, wild ride with Beth, Annie and Ruby, as they continue with their illegal money laundering business and dangerous conflict with crime lord Rio. The series follows as the three mums juggle day-to-day family life while operating a large scale money laundering operation alongside the city’s most relentless criminals. Unfortunately, due to the last-minute cancellation of the series, fans are likely to be left on a cliffhanger, but hey, sixteen new episodes are better than none. Watch the final season from August 31. 

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